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Nursery and Flower Farmers.

The florist needs to have all the skills that enable successful flower growing. Flowers are bought for luxury purposes and their quality should be high. The flower market has a very high level of competition, and therefore any person getting to grow them should be suitable to compete. Such farmers make frequent lose making them quit the market unwillingly. The florists compete from the far up to the consumer level.

The florists should carry out market research to determine the variety of flowers that have a high level of demand within the market. The flower sector is among the most income generating activities that the farmers can engage in. Flowers are highly perishable, and the farmer needs to be very careful when planning to start the farming. Flower farmers need to plan for the production up to the selling point of the flowers. Unorganized farmers may end up making frequent losses.

The distance from the production site to the market should enable the flower farmer to make the right choice on the transportation. The perishable nature of flowers makes it necessary for the florists to search for special equipment to store the products during the transportation period. The value of flowers may decrease if the florist does no choose the right transportation means for their flowers. The florists should schedule their production to produce at the most favorable time when demand is high.

The harvesting should be done during cold temperatures. After harvesting the flowers should be stored in the shade or inside a medium like water to help maintain their structure. The difficult part of flower farming is ensuring that the flowers reach the market in the structure in which they possess before being harvested. The florists need to do the sorting of the flowers before they are transported to the market.

Distribution to many retail shops will enable the florist to tap as many customers as possible thus maximizing their profit levels. The florist should ensure special storage facilities for their flowers while in the retail shops. When the florists produce to export, there is a need to ensure they harvest only when the right plan for exportation is in place.

The florist can try wrapping the flower bunches with the different color of covers. The branding step may make the florist receive more orders and therefore increased income. The florist should, therefore, be very careful when doing the packaging of the flowers. The farmers have a high risk of losing their finance and at the same time very high chances of getting much income if they get to understand what the flower market needs of them. Flower farming can change the living standards of individuals who enter the market with determination.